Friday, July 10, 2009

Breaking News: I'm Pregnant :)

It is official. Matthew and I are expecting our first child. I am 20 weeks along and not showing a whole lot. Most people can't believe that I'm pregnant. We had the "big" ultrasound Tuesday (7/7/09) and found out that we are having a little boy. The approximate due date is November 24, 2009. And for those of you that know about what happened to my sister Rachel, we are a hundred percent sure it is a boy (see pic below). We are excited about the days that lay ahead of us. We have decided to name him Tucker Rylan Holling. Tucker is Matthew's Grandma's maiden name and Rylan we just like haha. Tucker is definitely already extremely active. During the ultrasound he moved so much. It was awesome to see his heart beating. That is my favorite part and makes it all so real for me. He also stuck his tongue out at us, gave us the thumbs up and kept putting his hands up like he was already ready to wrestle like Matthew and I play around. I think Tucker is going to fit in real well with us. Matthew got to feel him kick for the first time Wednesday night. He couldn't believe it and wouldn't remove his hand. It is amazing to see the joy and love already in his face for little Tucker. I know I kid Matthew about Tucker being wild and crazy like him when he was little, but honestly I hope he is just like Matthew, because one day Tucker will be able to make someone just as happy!

Tucker Rylan Holling